The Second Opinion Service

This original concept is designed to help with the management of your financial affairs.


The Second Opinion Service

As independent and impartial advisors, Hartey Wealth Management have introduced the truly original concept of “The Second Opinion Service” to help with the management of your financial affairs.

“The Second Opinion Service” allows us to take a new and unhindered view of your assets, offering you the opportunity to obtain an in-depth analysis of the inner workings and mechanisms of how your financial affairs are currently managed.

We’ll start by examining your original investment mandate to establish if your current investment manager has adhered to the original plan and brief. From there we progress to looking at the original risk profile and substantiate this using our own approach.

Special Planning

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Are your investments up to scratch?

Given the recent market fluctuations it’s more important than ever to ensure you have sturdy and diverse investment portfolio in place – is yours?

Retirement Planning

Are you ready for retirement?

With evidence of the nation living longer,  we’d recommend starting to consider your retirement options outside of the state provision sooner rather than later.

Inheritance Tax Planning

What’s your tax bill?

Working out IHT bills is complex and some in depth calculations are required to work out your potential liability in order to best mitigate any potential tax bill upon your death.


Are you covered?

There are various products around to cover mortgage repayments in the event of death, suffering a defined critical illness or being unable to work due to ill-health.


Looking for a second opinion on your portfolio?

If you have any questions or queries about your existing investments, pensions or even plans, we're here to help.

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Everyone Deserves

The Ultra Wealthy Treatment

Using a structured process we will assess suitability, performance, management and reporting of your financial affairs and will suggest improvements, cost savings and alternative solutions when, and if, appropriate.
Our Charge Comparison service ensures you’re getting value for money from your adviser and aren’t overspending on fees meaning more for your money pot at the end.#


There are a number of process we use to establish a client’s risk profile to ensure their investments are at the right level of risk for them.


Do you really know where your money is invested? Unsurprisingly, many of prospective clients come to us under the illusion that their portfolios are set up with funds…


Our 24/7 model portfolio solution help to improve performance and reduce risk and can be incorporated with all types of investments.


Would you like to be part of our Wealth Management Programme?

If you choose to become a client then you’ll automatically be upgraded to this premium service.


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