Charge Comparison 

What IS It?

We often find when looking into fees that our clients have been paying much more than they thought. The Charge Comparison service helps to ensure you’re getting value for money from your adviser and aren’t overspending on fees meaning more for your money pot at the end.

ensure you’re getting

Value for money from your adviser

 We structure our fees based on four guiding principles: transparency, control, added value, and a consistently fair approach.

We will always provide you with the details of any charges or fees at our initial meeting and in advance of any work being undertaken.

What IS It?

For instance, when we compared our charges (based on our 24/7 cautious portfolio) on a £500,000 investment to one of our competitors we found an astounding difference.

Competitor Charges

Our Charges

“Our charge comparison service could save up to 0.96% per annum on £500k.

That’s a £4,800 per annum saving on fees – £ 82,906.78 over 10 years, assuming a 6% growth!”

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